Repair by packers


Thanks to years of development pipeline inspection service with television camera, we can detect the cause and exact location of many abnormalities that prevent the correct operation of the sewer or storm. With this it is possible to reduce the repair time, which implied to the client in many cases, having to find the affected pipe section with consequent economic costs and disruption for the users, as this would mean that trenches in sidewalks, roads and even houses would have to have been made.

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With the pipe repair system by placing packers fiberglass and resins, we reduce labor costs and minimize disruption to users, neighbors, etc., Because it is not necessary to perform any trench, acting solely from manholes of the affected pipe section.

It basically consists in coating the inside of the affected area with a mesh tube fiberglass-resin, which provides complete tightness and mechanical reinforcement.

The most common abnormalities repair with this system are open pipe joints, cracks, breaks or any other specific abnormality causing obstruction or collapse of the network.

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