Sanitation networks are structured in pipes and manholes or manholes from which you access the different sections of pipes for cleaning it or the unblocking. Normally part of theses are located inside homes, restaurants, shops and other similar areas, and are hidden by the flooring itself. Therefore, when there is a choking in a section of pipe located between manholes that are hidden, it is very difficult to access with the pressure elements of the truck (hose + nozzle) to the affected area and thus achieve its unblocking or cleaning (exerted by the obstacle itself hidden in the manholes cavity). So, in these cases it is essential to discover the intermediate registration boxes, of which status is unknown in many cases due to lack of planes, etc.

It should also be noted that the cavity of a manhole or manhole hidden can not be cleaned (containing extract residues) to its opening, so that, with the passage of time increasing the accumulated solids that may even cause blockage or choking.

For these cases we us our radiodetection equipment, locating hidden manholes, which are also used on the surface to locate the exact location of the anomalies detected in the inspection services.

These computers can act together with pipeline inspection equipment, or a high pressure absorption truck.

Location of manholes - hidden faults acting with the pipeline inspection team

The robotic camera tractor has a probe emitting radio frequency signals, on the surface the technician works with the "stick" receiver be able to adjust to pinpoint the location of the broadcasted signal.

Finding hidden manholes using a high vacuum and high pressure truck

In these cases, the nozzle is replaced with a particularly suited nozzle for connecting a radio frequency probe. This is introduced via the pipeline (thanks to the boost pressure exerted by water) and when it reaches the point where it is stopped or hindered, the technician works with the "stick" receiver be able to adjust to pinpoint the location of the broadcasted signal.


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