It is a cleansing technique performed through a pressure pump installed in tankers. 

Technically it is the injection pressure of the water contained in the tanker, through special hoses that connect the different types of nozzles, depending on the service characteristics.

Types of services

Pipe unblocking
Drain cleaning, collectors
Clean surfaces, road, asphalt, etc.
Cleaning and disinfecting wells and drinking water reservoirs
Sanitation of drinking water supply pipes

Technical information

Pressure pumps model Woma, P-45 1800 1502 rpm, flow rate 215 l / min working pressure 250 to 750 kg / cm 2

Types of nozzles:

  • Pineapple nozzles 8 outputs: cleaning collectors.
  • Nozzles teja: for sand mining.
  • Nozzles pendulum Skipjack / cobra: cleaning large collectors.
  • Nozzles root cutters.
  • Pressure guns: surface cleaning.
  • Cleaning nozzles for piping.

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