Cleaning and disinfection of reservoirs


The wells and water tanks installed in private homes, communities, hotels, venues or any installation, over time, cause the accumulation of sediments and / or lime are suspended in the water that enters. These are adhering to the inner surface of the facility, forming what is known as biofilm, which are develope a number of microorganisms, which in certain cases (for long periods without cleaning, or downtime facilities with stagnant water, entry of insects or rodents, contaminated water leaks, etc.) can affect people after consumption or use, in the form of certain diseases. 

Several years ago there was a deep social concern in our country arising from outbreaks of the disease known as "Legionnaires' disease". Following this, we studied and developed series of legal regulations to prevent the growth of bacteria that generates (legionella) in the facilities that are considered hazardous (including those mentioned are considered cisterns and water tanks). 

For several years our company has adopted protocols for cleaning and disinfection in accordance with guidelines established by such legal regulations. We deliver after cleaning and disinfection of the premises the corresponding certificate of sanitation. Also, note that our system minimizes downtime of facilities, ie, the time they have to stay without water. 

It is not necessary to hire both services. In cases where the customer consider it not necessary, or, he deals with the disinfection process, performed only the wells or tank cleaning.


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