Cleaning a high vacuum absorption


With this technique it is possible to suck and remove different types of waste in different types of facilities (pits, tanks, lakes, etc.).

The absorption is performed by an engine driven vacuum pump of the truck, with suction until the waste tank.

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Types of services

Cleaning of septic tanks or cesspools
Cleaning of waste water treatment plants
Clean water well
Cleaning artificial lakes
Cleaning sand filter sewage plants


  • Equipment with a depressant 1,500 with theoretical flow rate of 23,500 l / min, vacuum of 97%, ranging between 1,000 rpm and 1,500, max pressure of 1 bar, maximum power of 43 hp vacuum.
  • Equipment fitted with an A-600 type depressor with a theoretical volume of 60,000 l / hour.
  • Depressor equipment with paddles HU 2000 and HU 1000, with a theoretical volume of 2,000 m3 / hr and 1330 m3 / hour, ranging from 1000 to 15,000 rpm, air suction pressure of 1,990 m3 / h, 0.6 aspiration bar pressure of 1,840 m3 / h. These specially designed to absorb residues found at a depth of up to 14 m.

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