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Because not all problems are the same, we offer a wide range of services for both individuals and companies, with the aim of solving any problem with the technique and equipment appropriate for each case.

High pressure cleaning technically it is the injection pressure of the water contained in the tanker.
With this technique it is possible to suck and remove different types of waste in different types of facilities (pits, tanks, lakes, etc.).
With pipeline inspection system we see clearly inside pipes-channeling from 75 to 1,500 mm in diameter, through the introduction of robotic tv cameras.
We us our radiodetection equipment, locating hidden manholes, which are also used on the surface to locate the exact location of the anomalies detected in the inspection services.
As we know, there are a number of regulations at national and regional (RD 833-88, 952-97 RD, Ley 22-2011, etc.) primarily aimed at minimizing the harmful effects to the environment and to define and regulate all aspects of this type of waste.
With the pipe repair system by placing packers fiberglass and resins, we reduce labor costs and minimize disruption to users, neighbors, etc.

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Experience and professionalism

Definitely one of the main factors that differentiates Pepe Nuñez SL is the experience and professionalism of the team. We have always been concerned about providing adequate and continuous training prior to new personnel, since most of the services we perform are complex and there is no prior academic background.

We also offer optimum working conditions and stable contracts, which positively affects the worker's own satisfaction and encourage professional experience.

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Health and safety

We ensure the safety of our workers with these principles and also comply with the legislation in this area through: the allocation of EPI's, regular training in health and safety, conducting periodic medical examinations, periodic risk assessment, preventive planning etc.

Company structure

The large family of Pepe Nuñez S.L. is based on the following organizational functions perfectly structured and defined, but all equally important to the proper functioning of the company

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