Pepe Núñez, the Company

About us

Pepe Nuñez S.L. is a company dedicated to the cleaning and unblocking of all kinds pipes and drains.Fpr thiswe have a large fleet of trucks and a highly qualified team. Today, we can say that Pepe Nuñez SL has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship with over 35 years of experience working in the industry. Our primary goal is to respond to the needs of our customers, so for this reason we are available 365 days a year, in Malaga capital and province, to respond to emergencies rapidly. In our services section, you will see in detail all the work we do. If you have questions or need a quote, please contact us without any commitment. We will be happy to assist.

Limpieza Pepe Núñez S.L. es una empresa dedicada a la limpieza y desatoro de todo tipo de tuberías, desagües y canalizaciones. Para ello, cuenta con una amplia flota de camiones y un equipo humano altamente cualificado.

Hoy por hoy, podemos afirmar que Limpiezas Pepe Núñez S.L. se ha convertido en sinónimo de calidad y buen hacer. Más de 35 años de experiencia trabajando en este sector nos avalan.

Nuestro objetivo principal es dar respuesta a las necesidades de nuestros clientes, siempre de una forma ágil y óptima, por lo que estamos a su disposición 365 días al año, en Málaga capital y provincia, para atender las urgencias con gran rapidez.

En nuestro apartado de servicios, podrá consultar detalladamente todo el trabajo que realizamos.

Si tiene alguna duda o necesita un presupuesto, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros, sin ningún compromiso. Estaremos encantados de atenderle.


The story of Pepe Nuñez S.L. dates back to 1973, in which two humble workers from Malaga, Jose Nuñez Maese and Francisco Gonzalez Garcia, armed themselves with courage embarking on an activity little known at the time in Andalusia, "industrial cleaning". To do this they traveled to Barcelona and invested all there hopes in the acquisition of a small sludge absorption truck.

The beginning was very difficult, as they had to begin without many resources, and overcome the initial distrust of new technologies that customers had, (difficulties that are complicated to describe for Paco and Pepe, who still get excited when remembering) . Although, thanks to the effort, determination and skill of the work, gradually they got their way and create Pepe Nuñez SL, which is based on honesty to their customers, professionalism and good work.

So once laid the foundation for the development, implementation and certification of a Quality Management system of the various processes and services, through which the company aims to provide its customers the best possible service. To do so, we consider and worry about continually improving all processes that influence the final result of our services and therefore unequivocally influencing the satisfaction of our customers, highlighting aspects of the following processes:

  • Staff training: We teach and evaluate different training to new personnel for the proper performance of their duties, as well as regular training.
  • Purchase of materials and services: We work with previously evaluated and approved suppliers.
  • Maintenance of equipment: We schedule and perform preventive maintenance and service of all equipment.
  • Commercial Management: Our Technical-Commercial people have extensive experience in performing cleaning and inspection of pipelines.
  • Attention and processing of orders: We have several phone lines, qualified staff and business management software that ensures traceability of orders and historical-control of services.
  • Realization of different services: We have different work instructions for each type of service, which identify the process variables and the acceptance criteria to ensure proper execution.
  • Customer Service: We offer the best possible service to the public, as it is essential to understand and improve the satisfaction of our customers, listen to their suggestions and offer solutions to any complaints or claims.

Through continuous effort and reinvestment in incorporating technological improvements, new facilities and equipment, the company has continued to grow and consolidate. At present, it has a large fleet of trucks, Absorption High Vacuum and High Pressure Pipeline Inspection Equipment and Piping Equipment Repair by Packers, and a team with great experience and professionalism in the sector.

Old Pepe Núñez fleet New Pepe Núñez fleet